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Fara by BOLDR, Compact Intelligent Energy Saving Electric Heater with an Iconic Design

Fara by BOLDR, Compact Intelligent Energy Saving Electric Heater with an Iconic Design

Brand: BOLDR
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        • A compact electric heater with an iconic design that raises the bar for flexible home heating with an add-on option for smart functionality that unlocks a host of intelligent and energy saving features.

        •   IDEAL FOR   

          Small - Medium Retail.

          • Users using smart appliances
          • Budget buyers
          • Homes, in any room up to 20m2
          • Home Offices
          • People who look for a low maintenance costs.
          • Light sleepers.
          • Those seeking warm spaces.
          • Pet owners.
          • Plug & Play, no installation required.

          IN DETAIL    

          SAFETY FIRST
          Equipped with tip-over protection, overheat protection and crafted with flame retardant materials.

          Control your heating from your phone. Reduce up to 30% on heating costs with energy saving features.

          PLUG IN & PLAY
          Works straight out of the box, powered by a standard mains socket. Ready in seconds.

          Packed with enough wattage to heat a large room (up to 215 sqft / 20 sqm). Fara has two output settings of 800W and 1200W


          With the latest generation of ceramic heating, Fara swiftly and effectively heats up your surrounding environment. The iconic and contemporary velodrome design ensures compatibility with any interior setting, meaning Fara finds a home on any surface.

          Equipped with all-encompassing safety features and crafted with flame retardant materials, it is an ideal choice to keep your environment comfortable and safe.


          Fara is designed to fit into any contemporary environment, without sacrificing performance. A unique combination of quality materials and colors combine to create an iconic design that merges with state of the art performance — a precision-crafted stainless steel grill engineered for even heat distribution with a bronze velodrome style trim for an endless feel. Equipped with a hidden handle for easy mobility - Fara is a versatile heater designed to move.


          Engineered to be compact but loaded with enough power to heat your whole room*, Fara has a heating capacity of 1’200 Watts meaning it can heat up to 215 sqft / 20 sqm with ease.

          The ceramic heating element provides instant heat which is evenly distributed by a silent yet powerful built in fan. Performance never looked so good.

          A SMART HEATER

          The smart feature add on for Fara puts you in control of your heating and spending from the comfort of your phone. Backed by a smart app, you can have full control of your home heating wherever you are. Thanks to our constantly evolving software, your Fara improves with time. A better experience with every update.

          Smart Zoning Remote Access Realtime cost monitoring Smart scheduling
          Make your heating work for everyone in the home. Adjust you comfort levels on a room by room basis & waste less energy. Access the full range of smart features wherever you may be. Remote access give your total control of your heating so that you never have to come back to a cold home. Stay on top of your bills from the comfort of your phone! Measure your consumption in real time, either room by room or as a house total. Easily optimise your heating schedule on a room by room basis and cut your heating bills to an absolute minimum.

          "HEY GOOGLE..."

          Control Fara with your voice via Alexa or Google Assistant. Turn Fara on or off, adjust room temperature, turn on preset modes and more without lifting a finger.

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