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Hopped Up Energy Tea by Bravus Brewing Company

Hopped Up Energy Tea by Bravus Brewing Company

Brand: Bravus Brewing Company
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Brand: Bravus Brewing Company

Introducing "Hopped Up," an extraordinary new dry-hopped sparkling ice tea from Bravus that will boost your mood and energy! Hopped Up combines the crisp and enjoyable qualities of freshly brewed black tea with the added benefits of hops, creating a truly unique and refreshing experience. Enriched with carefully selected adaptogens and nootropics, Hopped Up is meticulously crafted to enhance cognitive function, promote mental clarity, and support your overall well-being. And with 120 mg of caffeine, each can delivers a smooth and uplifting energy surge that will get you through the day. Lightly sweetened and only 10 calories per can!

Ingredients: Carbonated Filtered Water, Organic Black Tea, Organic Hops, Organic Caffeine, Organic Sugar, Organic Siberian Ginseng, Organic L-Theanine

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