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Plum Deluxe Tea
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Brand: Plum Deluxe Tea

Nothing is more nostalgic and comforting than a mason jar full of beautiful iced tea, so that's why we created the Maison Brew cold brew iced tea kit for mason jars. Each kit comes with:

  • 1 wide-mouthed 32 oz mason jar
  • 1 classic metal jar lid
  • 1 stainless steel mesh infuser
  • 1 jar handle + spout lid
  • insert card with iced tea preparation instructions

Iced tea is so easy with the Maison Brew! Just add 8 tsp of loose tea into the infuser, fill to the top with cold water, and refrigerate overnight. When ready, remove the infuser and use the quality handle and pour spout to serve.

The Maison Brew can be used for sun tea, lemonades, infusing water with fruits, and much more; it's a versatile cold brewing system!

Need a replacement filter? Click here.

Add an iced tea trio for just $10 more! Trio of teas will be random and cannot be customized for flavor or caffeine preference.


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