Peru Decaf | Naturally Grown | Med-Dark Roast | Single Serve Cups, Box of 12 by Black Powder Coffee

Black Powder Coffee
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Brand: Black Powder Coffee

Using the iFill technology for the cups, Black Powder has been able to dial in a superior grind level and load the pod to 12.5 g vs standard K-Cups at 8.5 grams (38% more coffee). This is in edition to use of the mesh basket to allow water to tumble the grounds instead of channel meaning every gram of coffee is saturated. This enables a rich cup of coffee without the standard compromise of taste. Additionally, the product is 100% Recyclable & BPA Free.

Keurig 2.0 compatible.

Peru Naturally Grown Decaffeinated is a Swiss Water Processed coffee with outstanding flavor. You will not believe that this is a decaf!!

All percent coffee - no additives!!

Certifications:  BPA-Free

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