Daily Scalp Essential, 60 Plant-based Capsules

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For dandruff-related hair loss, look no further. This must-have supplement is formulated with some of the best plant-based ingredients Mother Earth has to offer.

Key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients support hair growth, stronger hair, and a moisturized scalp. Pair with our Balancing Shampoo and Nourishing Conditioner in the Flake-Free Inside & Out Trio for best (like, OMG) results.

+ BEST FOR: Those experiencing scalp flaking/dryness, thinning or brittle hair.

+ Key vitamins support a more moisturized scalp.

+ Biotin, zinc, and aminos promote healthier, thicker hair and prevent breakage.

+ Adaptogenic mushrooms can help reduce the effects of oxidative stress that may contribute to scalp discomfort.


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