Clean & Care Kit for Wood Cutting Boards by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Virginia Boys Kitchens
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Brand: Virginia Boys Kitchens

  • SAVE $14 BY BUYING THIS BUNDLE: Clean & Care kit: This bundle includes: full size 4oz soap bar, full size 8oz seasoning oil, full size 4oz wax (wax applicator included inside tin)
  • CLEAN & CARE KIT in 3 easy steps - soap bar for washing (hand-friendly!), seasoning oil for nourishing, and wax for extra protection
  • MADE IN USA - all 3 products are made in USA every step of the way - created, manufactured, processed, and packaged right here in our country.
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - no GMOs, no paraffins, no mystery ingredients in any of our products - made from virgin coconut oil, virgin olive oil, organic beeswax, and powered by essential oils.
Certifications:  Organic

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