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Alkaline Spring Water Cans by PROUD SOURCE WATER

Alkaline Spring Water Cans by PROUD SOURCE WATER

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Proud Source Water is Water Done Different™, making a positive impact through a fundamentally different approach to water: caring for our planet, our communities and our health all at the same time.  A certified B-corporation, Proud Source bottles water from domestic springs in the Rocky Mountains of Idaho and the Apalachicola Forest of Florida in infinitely recyclable aluminum.  It is naturally alkaline with minerals and electrolytes producing a pH of 8.1+/- without any additives. The water is sustainably produced and bottled directly at the source, leveraging energy efficient methods to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.  Proud Source is available in Still and Sparkling varieties, with nationwide distribution at retailers, food service establishments, hotels, stadiums, corporate campuses, and online retailers. Proud to offer you a product that is truly authentic.

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