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2012 "Sunveil" Qian Liang Slice Heicha by Tea and Whisk

2012 "Sunveil" Qian Liang Slice Heicha by Tea and Whisk

Brand: Tea and Whisk
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Brand: Tea and Whisk

Tastes like pure sunshine! A friendly heicha with a bright, clean flavor and a gorgeous collection of jin hua, or "golden flowers", the golden-colored yeast found only on certain teas from Hunan Province.

Many heichas can have a ton of fermentation aroma and taste, making them taste more wet and dark. This one is much more on the dry side of heicha, with a very clean and approachable flavor. A great introduction to high-end heicha from one of Hunan Province's best tea factories.

We recommend storing this tea in larger quantities on its own or with other Hunan heicha, to promote the development of the jin hua on the leaves. Jin hua yeasts are a living organism and will change and develop over time together with the tea.

Qianliang heicha is made by packing tea into large bamboo baskets that can fit dozens of kilos of tea. The tea is then compressed into one large log meant for aging. These tea logs are then sliced into smaller, much more manageable increments for daily drinking.

A particularly clean and relaxing heicha, perfect for winding down in the late afternoon or evening.

This tea was loosely packed in 900g increments into handwoven bamboo baskets to age in the long-term. It's common practice for Hunan heicha to be pressed and stored in larger quantities.

From the same tea factory as our Alchemy, Gentle Giant, and Lotus Blossom heichas.

Origin: Anhua, Hunan Province, China

Harvest: 2012

Notes: bright, crisp, clean, woody, sun-dried hay

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