of Love‘s Revenue
To build room for more love in the world.
Time for Love Foundation

The Time for Love Foundation, funded by 1% of Love’s revenue, is dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote the health and wellbeing of ourselves, each other, and the planet.

Love is committed to making a positive impact on the world by giving back to mission-aligned organizations. Interested parties involved with world-changing organizations can directly apply for grants to further their work, mission, and purpose.

Interested in applying for a grant from the Time for Love Foundation?

Love’s commitment to investing directly in game-changing projects is part of our participation in The Love Pledge. The Love Pledge is a new standard for corporate social responsibility, where organizations pledge 1% of their revenue to making the world a better place.

As a company that believes in the power of love, we are committed to giving back and making a meaningful difference in peoples’ lives.

Want to learn more about the Love Pledge?
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