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Brand: our friends at Avocado Tea Co.

2 Pack Brews 60 Cups - Naturally Caffeine Free - Serve Hot or Cold

Avocado Leaf Tea Natural

  • 🥑 FLAVOR PROFILE The natural leaf provides a sumptuous smooth tea with earthy notes and a delicate flavor. Often compared to a fine oolong or a premium green tea without astringency. Steep it as long as you would like it gets better with every minute. Unlike traditional teas, there are no tannins so there is no bitterness. The aroma is fresh and is reminiscent of fragrant avocado groves in sunny California

  • 🍃 A NEW ANCIENT TEA Considered an ancient elixir, the Avocado Leaves have been used for centuries dating back to the Aztecs and Mayans who boiled the leaves and drank the extract for a host of ailments

  • 🥑 DELICIOUS HOT OR ICED warm up with a hot cup on a chilly night or add ice for a sunny afternoon tea

  • 🍃 NATURALLY CAFFEINE FREE Promotes a natural state of relaxation. Unwind with a cup of well-being

  • 🥑 PERFECT GIFT IDEA Give the gift of health. Award winning and healthy tea presented in a beautiful canister with 30 servings of flavorful tea. Wonderful idea for housewarming, thank you gift, birthday, get well gift or holiday

  • 🍃 PLASTIC FREE PYRAMID SACHETS Our pyramid tea sachets contain NO plastics or micro plastics. They are 100% Biodegradable and naturally decompose 30 days after use. The pyramid shape affords more room for the tea leaves to expand, releasing more flavor and nutrients

  • 🥑 A TEA FOR EVERYONE Zero calories, allergen and gluten free, Keto and Vegan friendly, star K Kosher Certified. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

  • 🍃 UPCYCLED & HAND PICKED FOR PERFECTION Making Avocado Leaf Tea is a Labor of Love. Our leaves are handpicked and upcycled form the trimmings of Avocado Groves in Temecula California. Picking each leaf is a time consuming and labor-intensive process but we do this to ensure that every cup of Avocado Leaf Tea you drink is perfect

  • 🥑 ETHICALLY RESPONSIBLE We are proud to say our leaf harvesters are paid above the living wage in California. In comparison, the average world tea picking wage is a sad and exploitive $2 a day per picker. We believe in paying people fairly for a job well done and in return we have a loyal and happy crew of harvesters

New York Times Review by Florence Fabricant - Food & Wine Writer
"Hot or Iced the tea is lovely to sip. The plain variety produces a mellow
amber brew, suggesting a fine oolong. It does not turn tannic, no matter
how long it steeps. The lemon and chamomile varieties are nice, too."

WINNER: "Peoples Tea Choice Award" - World Tea Expo
WINNER: "Best Single Serve Tea" - Global Tea Championship

Avocado Leaf

Naturally Caffeine Free
Our Avocado Natural Leaf is naturally caffeine free

Plant Based
Star K Kosher Certified
Gluten Free
Zero Calories
No Artificial Flavors
No Artificial Colors
No Preservatives
Keto Friendly
Made in USA


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