6 Functional Mushroom Blend Gummies, Recalibrate and Restore, Strawberry Passionfruit, 60 Gummies


Gut Health- Immunity- Energy

Six powerful, functional mushrooms one adaptogenic blend that packs in countless benefits.

Recalibrate and restore your body with super troop. Crafted to enhance focus and energy while promoting overall immunity, health and balance.

+ Lion's mane: focus and memory

+ Reishi: immunity and rest

+ Chaga: cellular health

+ Turkey tail: immunity and gut health

+ Cordyceps: energy, stamina, sexual health

+ Maitake: cellular health and immunity

May support:

  • A healthy stress response
  • Enhanced energy
  • Mental clarity
  • Optimal digestion and gut health
  • Your immune system
  • Antiviral and anti-inflammatory responses
  • Optimal antioxidant levels