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Active Prenatal DHA + EPA

Active Prenatal DHA + EPA

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Nutrients essential to creating life, from pre-conception through breastfeeding (that protects the future of our planet)

The first Vegan DHA with EPA to benefit you as well as your baby!

Introducing ORLO's Active Prenatal DHA (+EPA): A pioneering vegan Omega-3 with EPA, supporting fetal eye, immunity, and brain development, while balancing healthy mood. ORLO's patented algae-based formula in polar lipid form ensures superior absorption. Each softgel provides 3X greater bioavailability with an ideal experience (no aftertaste, no fishy burps!) Our biosecurity ensures a 100% safe and clean product, free from heavy metals. It fosters health from pre-conception through breastfeeding while also protecting the planet. Experience the benefits and give your baby and yourself, the best start with ORLO's Active Prenatal DHA (+EPA).

    • 3X more bioavailable vs. fish oil omega-3 DHA
    • Support baby's brain and visual development during pregnancy and lactation.**
    • Free of heavy metals and biocides
    • Smaller, easy-to-swallow softgel
    • Algae-based = 100% Vegan in Polar Lipid form
    • No fishy aftertaste

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: Örlö

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