Rasa Ritual Sample Pack, Adaptogenic Plant-Powered Coffee Alternative, 32 Servings, 9 Flavors, 1 Oz Packets

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Nine Delicious Flavors. One Box.

Searching for a little variety? Not sure what to try first? We've got you! The Rasa Ritual Sample Pack gives you the chance to sample 4 servings of each of our adaptogenic coffee alternatives.

Enjoy each blend solo or tap into your inner alchemist and mix them together for a custom treat!

Original to enjoy calm, smooth energy & the classic, roasty Rasa taste.

Dirty to serve you up coffee without the crashes.

Cacao to treat yo'self with a mood-booster that tastes like healthy hot chocolate.

Bold to boost energy, cognition, focus, & flow. Potent, robust, & smooth complex taste that happily rivals coffee.

Calm to chillax anytime of day without sedation. Rich, heady vanilla-date taste.

Golden Chai for post-exercise recovery, overall vitality, and the coziest cup of delightful deliciousness. 

Spicy Rose Cacao to turn up the pleasurable, sensual qualities of life + just enough kick of cayenne & ginger.

Super Happy Sunshine to chase away cloudy moods with lemony sunshine in a cup.

Creme de la Creamer for a hydrating, replenishing, frothy pairing with any Rasa.

Our go-to combos: Dirty + Cacao; Calm + Super Happy Sunshine; Golden + Bold; Spicy Rose + Bold


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