All-Natural Cow Tail 6 - 8 Inch (25/case) by American Pet Supplies

American Pet Supplies
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Brand: American Pet Supplies

Our Cow Tails, a delicious and nutritious treat sourced from grass-fed cows. These chews are free from hormones, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals, ensuring a wholesome and irresistible snack for your dog. Slowly roasted to perfection, our Cow Tails lock in their natural flavor and aroma, making them a favorite among canine companions.

These chewy treats are protein-rich and packed with essential nutrients, providing a great source of energy for active dogs. Additionally, their natural chewing action promotes healthy teeth and gums, contributing to your dog's overall dental health. Our Cow Tails are easy to store and suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Key Features:

・Made from 100% pure cow tails, sourced from grass-fed cows
・Free from hormones, antibiotics, and harmful chemicals
・Slow-roasted to lock in natural flavor and aroma
・Rich in protein and essential nutrients
・Supports healthy teeth and gums through natural chewing action

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