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Ancient Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt, Fine Grain - Shaker Jar (6 oz)

Ancient Himalayan Pink Mineral Salt, Fine Grain - Shaker Jar (6 oz) by Alpha Omega Imports

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Ancient Ocean® - Himalayan salt is mined from ancient sea salt deposits in the Himalayan Mountains using the traditional room and pillar method.

Does not contain any additives, including but not limited to: anti-caking agents, free-flowing agents, or conditioners.

Fine Grain: Fine grain Himalayan Pink Salt is the perfect size for customers looking for a great all-around salt for everyday use. Perfect for everyday cooking and baking, this is the most popular grain size with consumers.

Boutique Glass Jar: With stunning, sustainably-harvested American black walnut wood lids and high-quality labels adorned with intricate artwork sure to catch a shopper's eye, our brand-new boutique glass jar is the perfect way for your customers to elevate everyday cooking. Redesigned to be short and wide, making it easier to grab a pinch of salt with fingers or a spoon.


  • All Natural Product
  • Kosher Certified
  • Certified Authentic
Shaker Jar
BPA Free Polycarbonate
Middle East
Mineral Salt
10 years minimum
0.2 - 0.8 mm
66 x 6

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