ANXIETY RELIEF + CALM by Crystalline Tribe

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Brand: Crystalline Tribe


Anxiety ~Love ~ Connection

 Crown, Third Eye, Throat & Heart Chakra

Lepidolite creates a balance between your physical self and your higher plane. Its highly vibrational frequency brings calm and a deep connection to one's heart. It contains mica and lithium that are known to help alleviate anxiety and stress. 

Lepidolite is also an amazing EMF protector. A great stone to have around computers and electronics. This stone works with your top 4 chakras. It is a powerful stone to stone to activate the heart, throat, third, and crown chakras. 

6mm Bracelet handmade by The Crystalline Tribe with love! 

Available in 7 inches and 8 inches. With or without the rose gold detail. 

These are not hair elastics. When wearing or removing bracelets, please gently roll on and off your wrist. All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly. 


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