Lyfe Fuel

Balance, Adaptogenic Stress Support Supplement, 60 Veggie Cap



A unique blend of adaptogenic mushrooms & ancient medicinal herbs shown to boost adaptive capacity, regulate hormones, and reduce overwhelm. Balance is formulated to help you adapt to the ups and downs of an unbalanced world.

100% Real Food Ingredients
This adaptogenic blend is delivered in vegetable capsules with organic myceliated brown rice. No additional fillers.


Take the Edge Off Life’s Stressors

When life throws the curveballs, Balance helps you keep your cool. Navigate the daily ups and downs with more ease and less reactivity.

Crafted by our team of clinical herbalists and mycologists, Balance’s whole-food, adaptogenic blend — featuring lion’s mane, turkey tail, reishi, ashwagandha, holy basil, lemon balm, and bacopa — is expertly crafted to support a healthy stress response.