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Brand: Crystalline Tribe


When our chakras are balanced and aligned our body feels less stressed. The energy flows through your body freely and openly. These stones have been chosen to balance your 7 main chakras. 

Red Jasper - Endurance ~ Passion ~ Rebirth

I am open to everything around me and within me.

Tiger's Eye Mental Clarity ~ Protection ~ Courage

I feel protected and full of clarity.

Sunstone - Kindness ~ Vitality ~ Leadership

My heart is aligned with wisdom and my mind is inspired.

Chrysocolla - Communication ~ Intuition ~ Harmony

I honor, value and love myself fully.

Turquoise - Strength ~ Connection ~ Purification 

I honor my voice and speak my truth.

Lapis Lazuli - Vision ~ Intuition ~ Purification

My intuition is open and I communicate with guides.

Moonstone - Intuition ~ Dreams ~ Insight

I am open to all the universe has to offer.

6mm Bracelet handmade by The Crystalline Tribe with love! 

Available in 7 inches and 8 inches.

These are not hair elastics. When wearing or removing bracelets, please gently roll on and off your wrist. All crystals are unique, colors may vary slightly. 


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