BSOL, Vegan, Herbal Supplement, Loose Bowel Support, GMO Free, Plant Based, Gluten Free, 100 Tablets

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IBSOL is our designed blend formula of 13 different herbal ingredients developed to relieve IBS symptoms and general diarrhea.

  • Relieves IBS symptoms
  • Promotes gut health
  • Helps restore natural bowel movement and schedule
  • Helps with acute diarrhea symptoms
  • Supports prevention and management of Travelers Diarrhea


At We believe in the traditional way of crafting Ayurvedic supplements by following real Ayurvedic preparation procedures, no synthetic extraction, no man-made ingredients, and no capsules. Pure, clean, and quality ingredients are manufactured slowly and deliberately for you. Only herbs of the highest grade, growing in the right soil, and picked at the right season are selected to ensure potency and purest of quality. No compromises in any step of the process, producing products that deliver results you can feel. Experience Ayurveda as it once was, as it should be.

MUOM brings you the highest quality products through our exclusive partnership with Muniyal Ayurveda, an institution with almost a century of Ayurvedic practice and generations of Ayurvedic Doctors. Muniyal Ayurveda is a Research and Education Institution that produces Ayurvedic products that combine the principles of traditional knowledge and the precision of modern science. Acclaimed for the quality of the products, it is one of the leading institutions in Ayurveda Research in India with numerous publications and multiple approved patents in the US. With this exclusive partnership, we deliver special formulations created by ayurvedic research and expertise accumulated over the past several decades that are only available through MUOM.


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