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Butyrate: Gut Health Supplement (Sodium), 60 Capsules

Butyrate: Gut Health Supplement (Sodium), 60 Capsules

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Butyrate: Gut Health Supplement's Role in the Body

Butyrate: Your #1 Gut Health Postbiotic

Simply put, butyrate is an essential end product of a healthy microbiome. 

Your gut bad make butyrate first and foremost to fuel and energize the gut lining, which allows the gut to easily absorb nutrients into the bloodstream while combating permeability, keeping waste and toxins out of the bloodstream and then move everything right along to be *ahem* disposed of. (Bye, constipation!)

But thats not the whole story butyrate is an effective gut health supplement with full-body benefits. Its also backed by over 5000 scientific studies, including human clinical trials.

When butyrate is absorbed into the bloodstream, it quickly goes to work throughout the body. 

  • It supports a healthy inflammation response, protecting the body from disease while regulating immune function.*
  • It helps balance insulin and blood sugar levels.*
  • It clears brain fog and boosts brain function.*
  • It supports healthy DNA and cell differentiation, our cells ability to change into a specific type like a heart cell or a kidney cell.*

All very important stuff, running life on a cellular level.

Why Choose BodyBio Butyrate?

Quality matters! We dont use fillers or additives. Butyrate naturally occurs with a distinctive, fermented scent. (Ok, were trying to make it sound nice, but it can be a little smelly.) Some people are more sensitive to this scent than others, but the odor means it's premium quality and ready to work. BodyBio Butyrate is free of wheat, gluten, yeast, corn, soy, dairy, artificial colors, and resins.

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