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Liliana & Hacienda Casablanca

In the beautiful region of Santander, Colombia, lies Hacienda Casablanca, a true reflection of Liliana Caballero Rojas' passion for crafting exceptional coffee. Back in 2008, with the amazing help of the Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, Liliana earned the prestigious Rainforest Alliance certificate, which kickstarted her incredible adventure. And guess what? Her hard work paid off when she won her very first prize at the famous fair in Socorro! But that's not all. Liliana made a bold decision years ago to follow her heart and dedicate herself fully to coffee. Now, she oversees a stunning farm that's bursting with nature's diverse beauty. And let me tell you, she knows just when to pluck the ripest coffee cherries by hand—only the best for her brews! From farm to cup, Liliana takes extra care in every step of the process. Quality control, fermentation—you name it, she's got it covered. It's no easy task, but Liliana's determination shines through to create something truly exceptional.

Castillo Co-Ferment by Liliana Caballero

Aromas of maple syrup and velvety caramel, accompanied by notes of sun-kissed oranges that add a refreshing brightness to the bouquet. The fragrance is further enhanced by the subtle sweetness of panela, infusing the coffee with a depth of flavor. Delicate undertones of pistachio weave through each sip, adding complexity to the experience. Together, these elements create a symphony of flavors that linger on the palate, offering an incredible sensation with a complex, long-lasting, velvety texture

  1. 🌱 Variety: Castillo

  2. 🌊 Process: Natural Co-Ferment

  3. 📍 Farm: Hacienda Casablanca

  4. 🏔️ Altitude: 1550 masl

  5. 🌍 Region: Floridablanca, Colombia

  6. 👨‍🌾 Coffee Farmer: Liliana Caballero

  7. 🌾 Harvest: 2023-2024 (Dec - Feb)

  8. 👍 Recommended For: Pour-overs, Cold-Brew, Cold-Drip, Conventional Coffee makers, Immersion and Espresso

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Brand: Immigrant Culture

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