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Stick Up Deodorant:

Brand: Primal Life Organics #1 Best Natural Dental Care


Organic Skincare. Paleo Skincare. Gluten-free Skincare. Vegan Skincare.

Primal Life Organics brand new Starter Package is the perfect way to try out a selection of our bestselling facial, dental and body products and receive Trina's NEW book The Modern Cavegirl's Guide To Radiant & Glowing Skin. This package was put together as an introduction to 100% natural skin and body care and will help facilitate a smooth transition into chemical free and natural skincare. Get started while "Taking a closer look at your skin diet"!

Primal Life Organics products are highly concentrated so you only need to use a small amount.

Primal Life Organics Signature Starter Package includes:

  • Facial Care: One Bare Face Wash and Bare Face Moisturizer (excellent for all skin types including aging skin)
  • Dental Care: One Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder Peppermint (clay based tooth cleanser that will help re-mineralize and strengthen the teeth)
  • Body Care: One Lavender Stick Up (100% natural and effective deodorant)
  • For a limited time, receive one Hand Repair Balm with this purchase, excellent for moisturizing and protecting the hands from the elements, frequent washings and dryness.

Bare™ Primal Face Package

Includes Bare Primal Face Wash and Bare Primal Face Moisturizer. This is an excellent package for all skin types including aging skin. The botanicals used in this package will not dry out dry skin and will not over-moisturize oily skin. It contains the perfect balance for all skin types and is a great package if you are interested in trying our products. Organic, natural skincare made fresh when ordered.


Bare Face Wash: Saponified Coconut*, Olive* and Jojoba* Oils, Aloe Vera* and Rosemary Extract*, Calendula Flowers*, White Kaolin Clay *Certified Organic

Bare Face Moisturizer: Jojoba Oil*, Sweet Almond Oil*, Evening Primrose Oil*, Extra Virgin Olive Oil*, Pure Filtered Beeswax* *Certified Organic

Dirty Mouth™ Toothpowder

Ingredients: Bentonite Clay, White Kaolin Clay, Baking Soda, French Green Clay, organic Peppermint Oil.

Fill your mouth with vital and trace minerals important to maintain dental health the natural, Paleo way. Mildly abrasive, gently polishes, detoxifies and refreshes. The abundance of trace minerals in the clays help to re-mineralize and strengthen the teeth. Teeth are living and porous and foods, commercial toothpaste, medications and chemicals (food preservatives) can leech the minerals from the teeth causing weakened enamel that is more susceptible to decay and breakdown. These minerals can be found in a variety of earthen clays found in Dirty Mouth ToothPowder and absorbed by the teeth.

PitStick (Lavender)

Ingredients: Virgin Coconut Oil*, Baking Soda (aluminum free), Pure Filtered Beeswax*, Lavender Essential Oil*

  • Made from ingredients your body craves- organic coconut oil, baking soda (aluminum free) or organic arrowroot powder, and organic pure filtered beeswax.
  • Very effective at fighting odor. If odor does occur- just reapply for an immediate FRESH feeling!
  • Detoxifies and nourishes your Pits!
  • Lets your sweat OUT!! YES- you WANT to sweat- and here's why: antiperspirants prevent the body from sweating- you sweat to cool the body as well as remove toxins. Antiperspirants prevent the body from "purging toxins," which, when trapped, find their way into the lymph nodes, where they concentrate and contribute to the cellular changes that could lead to cancer. Antiperspirants and commercial deodorants also contain aluminum and other chemicals and toxins that are easily absorbed and can cause numerous health concerns. Aluminum has even been linked to Alzheimer's.

    The PitStick™ will prevent odor from the released sweat and toxins and bacteria. We suggest applying a few times a day for the first few weeks while the body purges toxins and adjusts to the PitStick™

    If you do notice an odor, just reapply. The PitStick™ will take the odor away. One more thing- only apply a small amount- 2-3 swipes- and allow it to soak in for a few minutes.

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