Creme de la Creamer - 400mg Adaptogens - 0mg Caffeine


Hello, velvety, frothy & versatile flavor.

Rasa presents the premium creamer to end all creamers! With 400 mg of adaptogens per tbsp, Creme de la Creamer is Rasas power-powder of synergistic herbal formulations. Resplendent with snow mushroom, American ginseng, and Amla extract, Creme de la Creamer makes a hydrating & replenishing complement to your favorite Rasa brew.

Skin feeling a little humdrum? Vitality a little...meh? Our superfunctional & adaptogenic creamer will have you feeling magnifique, thanks to the beauty-boosting plants coveted by royalty.

Velvety smooth and deliciously creamy, every (ethically sourced) ingredient adapts to the flavors in your cup for a nourishing, silky sweet je ne sais quoi your body and taste buds will approve of.