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"So much easier and eco-friendly than paper towels" - Talia K

The perfect cutting board oil applicator for applying a uniform coat of wood oil and wax. Use it for applying oil to your cutting boards, wooden utensils, bowls, knife handles, countertops, and anything else made of raw untreated wood. It's designed with a comfortable handle grip and has a cap included for easy, no-mess storage.

Sponge Applicator Made from American Walnut Wood

Virginia Boys Kitchens cutting board oil applicator is not only functional, but it also compliments your beautiful wood kitchen tools. It's designed to fit comfortably in the palm of your hand, therefore makes oiling your wooden tools a breeze.

Why do I Need a Cutting Board Oil Applicator

It's easy, less messy, and above all, reduces waste. No more throwing away paper towels and washing oily rags after each wax or oil application, simply store your applicator until you are ready to use it again! Makes easy work on large wood surfaces.

Maintain your Wooden Kitchen Tools in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Scrub the surface with warm, soapy water to remove any debris. Allow the wood to air dry completely.
  2. Apply enough cutting board oil using your Sponge Applicator to coat the entire surface. Allow the oil to penetrate the wood for 1-2 hours. Wipe off excess
  3. At least Once a month apply cutting board wax to the entire surface. Allow it to penetrate for 30 minutes. Buff off excess using a buffing pad or paper towel.

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