Daily Creativity Mints - 24


Want to drop into creation and connection mode?

Ooh ooh child, don't tempt me with a good time. Each one of these babes is packed with Cordyceps, Reishi, and Maca to revitalize the senses and brain for long-lasting creative energy and inspiration.

Made with Organic Ingredients!

Meet the stars of the show, the fun(gi) stuff that makes us magic. Dont worry, I wont get you high on anything but life.

Cordyceps: supports natural energy levels and endurance, promotes oxygen intake and lung capacity, and helps manage occasional stress and fatigue.

Reishi: also known as the mushroom of immortality, is a revered adaptogen that can help reduce stress and support relaxation.

Maca: helps the body manage stress, increases energy, and may aid in minimizing the symptoms of depression.

Bacopa: boosts brain function, may help treat ADHD symptoms, and can reduce stress and anxiety.

Adding adaptogens to your daily routine can have positive effects on mental wellness including energy and connection. You'll feel the good vibrations of SuperMush the more you use it.