Daily Greens, 30 Servings


Daily Greens

Daily Greens contains five diverse greens in science-backed dosages to support optimal immune function, energy levels, and brain health.* Get your daily boost for powerful results.

  • Supports cellular integrity, brain function, and long-term health.*
  • Aids optimal immune function and lasting energy.*
  • Easy on-the-go powder.
  • Certified organic ingredients.
  • Each batch is third-party tested and developed through our transparent production process.
  • Every order provides a plant-based meal to a child in need.

Five whole food greens. Unlimited health benefits.

Daily Greens takes the five superfood greens that provide the biggest nutrient boost and the most diverse benefits and puts them into a single, easy-to-drink formula, perfect to mix into a daily smoothie or glass of water.

Best of all, they're powerful, organic ingredients you probably don't get otherwise, like cracked shell chlorella, broccoli sprouts, spinach, moringa, and barley grass juice.

So whether you're kicking your day off with a surge of nutrients or using it as an afternoon slump buster, Daily Greens aids short-term energy and immune support, while benefiting your long-term foundational health.

Backed by science

Daily Greens contains five of the most powerful greens in the world, with diverse, lasting benefits.

Most powders cram dozens of greens extracts and ineffective probiotics or mushrooms into a secret blend, then market it as super healthy. But here's the problem: You have no idea what unnatural ingredients, extracts, and fortified foods you're getting.

Daily Greens utilizes five of the most powerful, whole food greens, with science-backed dosages printed right on the bag so you know exactly what you're getting.

No extracts. No cheap fillers. Just science-backed ingredients.

A 'salad' in a glass

One serving of Daily Greens provides roughly the same amount of...

  • Magnesium as a cup of raw broccoli.
  • Vitamin A as two cups of raw spinach.
  • Vitamin C as a cup of raw kale.
  • Vitamin E as a cup of raw broccoli.
  • Iron as three cups of raw spinach.

All in one easy, on-the-go powder with wide-ranging benefits.

Life-changing benefits from greens you aren't getting otherwise.

Each of the five greens is hand-selected for its diversity of benefits.

Like broccoli sprouts, which are packed with sulforaphane, a potent nutrient compound that can protect cells from DNA mutations.*

Or cracked seed chlorella, which is not only loaded with amino acids and macronutrients but also aids in heavy metal detoxification.*

From energy and immune support to brain, heart, and blood health, Daily Greens is optimized to support any diet.

The mega benefits of Daily Greens.

SUPPORTS CELLULAR INTEGRITY: Broccoli sprouts, rich in sulforaphane, can contribute to shielding cells from DNA mutations.

SUPPORTS IMMUNE FUNCTION: Vitamins C and E aid in maintaining optimal immune function and cellular health.

AIDS HEAVY METAL DETOXIFICATION: Cracked seed chlorella has been shown to assist the body in detoxifying from heavy metals.

NATURALLY ENHANCES ENERGY: Superfood greens can naturally elevate energy levels by providing essential vitamins and minerals.

VITAMIN LEVELS OF A SALAD: A single glass contains approximately the same quantity of vitamins and minerals as a salad.

Fully transparent production

Daily Greens goes through a rigorous inspection process that includes third-party testing.

We want you to be certain that you are getting the highest quality nutrients, free from pollutants, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens not to mention common allergens and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. That's why every batch undergoes a rigorous series of tests to confirm that it contains all that it should - and nothing that it shouldn't.

And we mean rigorous! We do as many as 19 different tests to ensure potency and safety. All this is done in pharmaceutical-grade facilities that are FDA Registered, and operate under cGMP standards.

Third-party tested

This means that every ingredient and dosage on the back of the bag is verified by an independent lab. And just as important, the ingredients are tested for things like pesticides, E Coli, heavy metals, and salmonella.


We verify that all active ingredients on the label are present in the right amounts. But we're not satisfied with just meeting those - to ensure potency over time does not diminish, we aim for 10-20% over what the label states.

Heavy Metals

We take soil and water pollution seriously, especially since we design our products to help your body fight against it. Therefore, each batch gets tested for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury.


Our products are doubly protected by being produced in a certified facility, and tested for yeast and mold, and possible badl presence, such as Salmonella, E.coli, and other coliforms.