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Brand: Primal Life Organics #1 Best Natural Dental Care


Primal Life Dental Boost: Elevate Your Smile Naturally!

Say goodbye to harmful peroxide whitening strips and welcome a healthier way to achieve a white, radiant smile.

Introducing Primal Life Organics Real White Dental Boost, a concentrated paste enriched with minerals for stronger, healthier teeth and a naturally dazzling smile.

Experience the power of nano-hydroxyapatite, a natural compound found in enamel, bone, and saliva, from our Real White Dental Boost. This revolutionary formula not only strengthens your teeth but also reduces sensitivity while enhancing the brightness of your smile.

Real White Dental Boost takes your daily oral care routine to the next level. Its refreshing mineral protection provides a whitening boost for your teeth after meals, snacks, and drinks, ensuring your smile stays fresh and vibrant throughout the day.

Our environmentally conscious packaging, featuring a recyclable sugarcane pump bottle, makes it convenient for home use and on-the-go touch-ups!

Swap sensitivity and the risks associated with enamel-damaging peroxide whitening products for a pain-free and beautifully white smile.

Experience the remarkable benefits of Real White Dental Boost, including:

✨A Clean and Refreshed Mouth,
✨Noticeably Whiter Teeth
✨Healthier Gums
✨Long-lasting Fresh Breath

Embrace a healthier approach to teeth whitening and experience the joy of a dazzling smile with Real White Dental Boost. It's time to get up and GO with confidence and naturally enhanced oral care.


It contains theobromine and hydroxyapatite

Theobromine is a natural compound from cacao seeds that work to increase the size of apatite (hydroxyapatite) crystals that form and strengthen enamel. Theobromine makes teeth less vulnerable to bacterial acid erosion that can lead to cavities.

Hydroxyapatite (HAp) is a form of calcium that makes up 97% of your tooth enamel and 70% of the dentin of your teeth and plays a role in keeping your teeth strong. Strong, healthy tooth enamel is important to good dental health and a whiter smile. Hydroxyapatite can help protect your tooth's outer layer, prevent demineralization, and rebuild tooth enamel.

Dicalcium Phosphate Dihydrate, Aqua (Water, purified), Phthalimidoperoxycaproic Acid, Xylitol*, Disodium Phosphate, Cellulose Gum (Carboxymethyl), Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Xanthan Gum, Hydroxyapatite, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil*, Potassium Chloride, Theobromine

*Certified Organic


Rub two pumps on the teeth with a soft brush or finger until all teeth are covered. Allow to sit on your teeth for 2 minutes. Spit, rinse, and repeat as necessary.

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