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Fair Trade 3 Metal Twisted Bangle

Fair Trade 3 Metal Twisted Bangle by Tiny Rituals

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Pure gleaming copper, beautiful brass, and singing nickel entwine together in this twisted copper bracelet. For centuries, copper has been a conductor of energy, healing, and lends light to clear negativity, helps the body overcome disharmony, and sets the soul on fire in all the finest ways.

“With this bangle, I find my flow and courage and invite my body to naturally heal”

This Twisted Copper Bracelet is ticking all our boxes. A piece of fair-trade finery crafted in India and Nepal; it celebrates the ancient art of jewelry making all while calling into practice the healing powers of some of the world's most iconic metals. Copper is the star of the show with its gorgeous glow, natural warmth, and beautiful ability to bring balance to the body, mind, and soul. Copper bracelets are long known for helping alleviate the pain of conditions like arthritis, rheumatism, stiff joints, and carpal tunnel syndrome. It also works as a natural cleanser, reducing bacterial growth and gets your blood pumping bringing a revitalizing flow of fine-tuned energy.

This copper cuff bracelet doesn’t stop with just one metal - it also calls on the holy trinity of brass and nickel too. Brass is the unification of copper and zinc; it is known for giving the immune system a mighty boost and filling your heart with bravery. Nickel is no stranger to healing too, this understated metal is super soothing and can soften off rough emotions and bring you back to a state of natural calm.

The combination of these three metals, entwined into a bangle is a sweet reminder that the earth always gives us what we need. For those who want to balance out the chakras, help the body heal naturally from pain, and to find the courage and calm to face the day, this Fair Trade 3 metal twisted bangle is your daily dose of deep healing.

  • Adjustable width, fits wrist sizes 6 to 8
  • Measures 1/4 inch wide, 6 inches long
  • Handcrafted by Fair Trade partners in India and Nepal

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