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Goody DD Indulgent Chocolate Gift Box [$130 Value!]

Goody DD Indulgent Chocolate Gift Box [$130 Value!] by DeliciousDoor

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Product Description

This premier chocolate box is the perfect gift for (or treat), packed full of mouth-watering plant-based chocolates that you have to taste to believe.

Our Indulgent Chocolate Gift Box contains 14+ of the highest quality chocolate items sourced from all around the world by our expert team. This true celebration of chocolate features all the forms, flavors, and functions of chocolates while staying true to the quintessential nature of indulgent chocolate. Each box equates to approximately 3+ months’ supply of high-quality chocolate items ($100+), free shipping within the US ($10 value), Plant-Based Baking 101 Ebook ($15 value), and premium gift wrapping ($5 value) that makes unboxing the Indulgent Chocolate Gift Box a must for chocolate lovers.

When we say this is the best chocolate box in the world – we mean it!

*Not all products in this box meet our Monthly Snack Box nutritional standards.

Full Product List:

1. Miiro | Peanut Butter Cups
2. Rule Breakers | Deep Chocolate Brownie
3. Vego Chocolate | Mini Whole Hazelnut Chocolate Bar
4. Soom Foods | Dark Chocolate Tahini with Sea Salt
5. RIND Snacks | Dark Cocoa Sea Salt Coconut Crisps
6. AllergySmart | Chocolate Chips Cookie
7. Sweet Nothings | Chocolate Banana Nut Butter Bites
8. Drizzilicious | Drizzilicious Cookies and Cream Rice Cakes
9. Nebula Snacks | Dark Chocolate Bar
10. Nairn's | Chocolate Chip Oat Grahams
11. Stroop Club | Chocolate Caramel Plant Based and Organic Stroopwafels (Contains Gluten)
12. Trupo Treats | Mylk Chocolate Crispy Wafer Bar
13. GoodSam | 55% Original Chocolate Bar/ 55% Sea Salt Nibs Chocolate
14. Emmy's Organics | Dark Cacao Single Cookie

*The Chocolate Gift Box is a one-time Gift Box - no subscription needed.

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