Gut Nurture, 30 Servings


Gut Nurture

  • Aids digestion to reduce discomfort and increase energy.
  • Helps increase nutrient absorption to promote whole-body health.
  • Supports a healthy immune system.
  • Each batch is third-party tested and developed through our transparent production process.
  • Sustainable biodegradable bags and eco-packaging for a reduced environmental impact.
  • Every order provides a plant-based meal to a child in need.

70% of your immune system comes from your gut.

But that's not all your gut also produces nearly all of your serotonin, expends up to 20% of your energy through digestion, regulates your metabolism, and so much more.*

Research shows that the gut is so core to different aspects of your health, that oftentimes the solution to a seemingly unrelated ailment can be found simply by improving gut health.

So whether you're suffering from mood, energy, or immune system issues, or if you're simply experiencing digestive discomfort, prioritizing your gut health can yield major improvements.*

A fiber-rich plant-based diet provides a powerful foundation to gut health, but as with any aspect of health, regular attention and maintenance support healthy gut microbiota to keep your body feeling and performing its best.

For years, the go-to approach for gut support was a probiotic supplement, but the latest science highlights overwhelming concerns about the effectiveness of a general probiotic...


SUPPORTS OPTIMAL DIGESTION: Promotes a healthy digestive system, reduces discomfort and gas, and reinforces healthy stools.

SUPPORTS NUTRIENT ABSORPTION: Aids optimal nutrient processing to enhance absorption rates.

ESTABLISHES MICROBIOME DIVERSITY: Supports growth and diversity of healthy gut microbiota.

SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM: This prepares your immune system to fend off viral invaders and communicate stress systemically.

SUPPORTS ENERGY LEVELS: Optimizes digestion to preserve and maintain energy.

SUPPORTS A HEALTHY METABOLISM: Aids in vitamin synthesis and short-chain fatty acid creation in your digestive tract.

SUPPORTS CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH: Aids in the intestinal processing of bad cholesterol for improved heart health.

Fully transparent production

Gut Nurture goes through a rigorous inspection process that includes third-party testing.

We want you to be certain that you are getting the highest quality nutrients, free from pollutants, heavy metals, and harmful pathogens not to mention common allergens and artificial sweeteners, colors, and flavors. That's why every batch undergoes a rigorous series of tests to confirm that it contains all that it should and nothing that it shouldn't.

And we mean rigorous! We do as many as 19 different tests to ensure potency and safety. All this is done in pharmaceutical-grade facilities that are FDA Registered, and operate under cGMP standards.

Third-party tested

This means that every ingredient and dosage on the back of the bag is verified by an independent lab. And just as important, the ingredients are tested for things like pesticides, E Coli, heavy metals, and salmonella.


We verify that all active ingredients on the label are present in the right amounts. But we're not satisfied with just meeting those - to ensure potency over time does not diminish, we aim for 10-20% over what the label states.

Heavy Metals

We take soil and water pollution seriously, especially since we design our products to help your body fight against it. Therefore, each batch gets tested for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury.


Our products are doubly protected by being produced in a certified facility, and tested for yeast and mold, and possible badl presence, such as Salmonella, E.coli, and other coliforms.