Hand Embroidered Ornament Holiday Bundle by POKOLOKO

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Introducing the Hand Embroidered Ornament Holiday Bundle. 

Made by women in vulnerable situations within developing communities, these ornaments offer a sustainable source of income for the women artisans who make them and their families.

These ornaments are made by female survivors of domestic & sexual violence organized together as a group of artisans by three Peruvian female entrepreneurs. These makers carefully cut a synthetic felt base into shape, and then hand-embroider each ornament’s design with an alpaca blended yarn. 

*Also available individually here

Materials 100% felt based. Embroidered with 20% alpaca 80% synthetic yarn.

Pack of 6: Angel Wings, Heart, Festive Cactus, Festive Alpaca, Star, Green Alpaca

Pack of 12: Angel Wings, Heart, Festive Cactus, Festive Alpaca, Star, Green Alpaca, Billy Goat, Embroidered Heart, Mitten, Green Gnome, Floral Heart, Gingerbread Human

Origin Peru

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