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Hourglass Ribbed Candle

Hourglass Ribbed Candle

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Large Pillar Hourglass Shaped Unscented Soy Candle

The softness of creamy wax color in rich, earthy, lush tones in a pair with bendy shapes in art deco motifs creates a soft elegant ambience in your space. Each candle is hand poured and individually crafted. Due to the custom blend of waxes our candles have an explicit depth of color. Subtle variations in wax depth and color opacity may occur as our candles are handcrafted.

High quality braided cotton wicks (free of lead or zinc) are used to provide the cleanest burn. We are aimed to make each candle not only aesthetically pleasing but first of all, functional. Through hours of research, we have selected the best appropriate wicks for Hourglass shaped candles to prolong its burning time.

Cylinder candles of various heights are perfect element for coffee table decor, office, store or event décor.


Medium - 2" W x 5" H

Large - 2" W x 7.75" H

This item only ships within the United States.

Brand: The Roosevelts Candle Co.

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