Lion's Mane + Turkey Tail Dual Extract Tincture by Hodgins Harvest

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Brand: Hodgins Harvest

A 50/50 blend of our Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail tinctures.

We grow all of the mushrooms that go into our tinctures here on our certified organic mushroom farm in Upstate New York. The vast majority of mushroom supplements on the market are made with mushrooms grown overseas and we’re proud to be one of the only companies doing the whole process, from spore to sale, right here in the USA. We make our tinctures using a dual extraction method, both alcohol and hot water, in order to provide the fullest spectrum of benefits available from our mushrooms. We use separate batches of mushrooms for each extraction method and at the highest possible ratio per species in order to make the most potent tinctures possible. You can see the difference in our tinctures based on the darkness in color and viscosity. When you buy tinctures from Hodgins Harvest, you’re supporting a small business that is run by people passionate about using medicinal mushrooms as part of our daily lives.

Tinctures are intended to be used as a dietary supplement. We suggest 2 to 4 squeezes of the bulb per day (2-4 mL). All extracts are made with 100% fruiting bodies, no grains or fillers.

For links to academic research on Lion's Mane and Turkey Tail mushrooms, click here.

Certifications:  100% Certified Organic

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