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Loop Resistance Bands set comes in a color-coded set of light, medium, and heavy resistance levels to keep challenging your muscles as you grow stronger and more flexible. Each 10” x 2” fitness band is made from durable latex to prevent wear and tear and prevent breakage. The design makes them simple to put around ankles, calves, or thighs for a variety of lower body exercises. Ideal for both rehabilitation, activation, and strengthening of the leg, hip, and glute muscles, especially those that don’t always get worked in a typical strength-training workout. Their small, lightweight design takes up almost no space in your gym bag, making them great for travel and at-home workouts.

Resistance Levels:

Green – Light Resistance 10 - 15Lb; Thickness: 0.6mm

Red – Medium Resistance 15 - 20Lb; Thickness: 0.9mm

Blue – Heavy Resistance 25 - 30Lb; Thickness: 1.2mm

  • Extensively used for therapeutic exercise and strength training for lower body
  • Strengthens and tones legs, hips and glutes
  • Easy to put around ankles, calves, knees or thighs
  • Each band is made out of durable latex rubber and measures 10”L X 2”W
  • The set includes 3 bands with color-coded resistance from light to heavy

Measurements: 10”L X 2”W

Material: Latex

Use & Care:

  • Before each use, check bands for damage in order to avoid breakage while training
  • Do not use bands on abrasive or jagged surfaces
  • Do not stretch to more than 3 times their original length
  • Do not release the bands when under tension to avoid injury. Carefully return bands to their original length before releasing.
  • Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Do not use soap or other cleaning products on bands, as it may damage and/or weaken latex.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight
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