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Memphis BBQ Sauce Bottles - 6 x 18oz

Memphis BBQ Sauce Bottles - 6 x 18oz by Farm2Me

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True Made Foods Memphis BBQ Sauce | Sweet & Spicy | Memphis is the crossroads of American barbecue. African-Americans immigrated to Memphis for jobs from all over the South in the early 20th Century and they brought their different styles of BBQ with them, merging, like the Blues music that came out of Memphis, into its own unique, regional flavors.

A Memphis "wet sauce" is usually a mix of the bold, spicy influences from Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and the sweeter, heavier tomato-based sauces from Kansas City and St Louis.

True Made Foods' Memphis-style BBQ Sauce pulls on these classic crossroad flavors by rounding out a sweet-tomato-based sauce, naturally sweetened with veggies and fruits, with the strong flavors of cayenne and black pepper.

Use this sauce for award-winning ribs, pulled pork, and chicken or get creative and create burgers, brats, grilled veggies, and meatloaves that your family will never forget!

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