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Moon Cactus Grafted 'Gymnocalicium Mihanovichii'

Moon Cactus Grafted 'Gymnocalicium Mihanovichii' by Bumble Plants

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Moon cacti are a fascinating species that can only photosynthesize when attached to their hosts. The lack of chlorophyll in moon plants makes them unable to produce energy for themselves and so they rely on food supplied by the root system from its host plant, which provides all necessary nutrients through draw-down fluids such as absorbed water or chloride ions found within salt solutions near rock surfaces where there's also an abundance earth minerals like magnesium.

* You will receive ONE (1) 2" plant in nursery pot, unless stated otherwise. Refer to our FAQ for more information.

Moon Cactus Grafted 'Gymnocalicium Mihanovichii' Care


Water every 5-7 days when top 3" of soil is dry. Let soil dry out between watering.


Medium indirect sunlight or under grow lights.


65°F - 75°F

Soil Mix

Peat Moss, Perlite, Orchid Bark & Gardening Soil


Keep humidity medium to high at 65 - 75%


Every 4 weeks in summer and every 12 weeks in winter

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