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OnSky Health, Virtual Care System, Supports Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring

OnSky Health, Virtual Care System, Supports Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring

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Introducing SkyPad-PRO

The Contact-Free Virtual Care System for Telehealth and Remote Health Monitoring. It includes a sensor Pad (the Pad) and a Health Display (Hub and HD display). SkyPad monitors your vital signs, motions, sleep quality, and other health conditions while you're in bed. Physicians, caregivers, and family members can access your real-time health status and data via the OnSky Health App (free download). The Pad is discreetly placed under your bed sheet and pillow, while the Health Display combines a Sensor Hub and HD touch-screen LCD for easy access to health status. With its Contact-Free sensor technology, you don't need to wear any wireless devices or worry about charging batteries. Sleep naturally and comfortably while staying continuously protected.

Why SkyPad is the most practical solution for Virtual Care and Remote Monitoring?

SkyPad for Elderly Care

Remotely monitor and care for your elderly parents with real-time health status updated to your cell phone from SkyPad.

The Ultimate Peace of Mind!

SkyPad for Home Care

SkyPad is contactless which makes it easy and comfortable for homecare patients to use. Family members or caregivers can track the patient's health anytime and anywhere.

SkyPad for Nursing Home

Shortage of nursing staff? With SkyPad, caregivers can remotely monitor multiple residents in real-time on mobile devices. SkyPad increases efficiency and reduces operating costs for nursing homes.

SkyPad for Hospice & Palliative Care

Patient can sleep comfortably with Contactless SkyPad.

Optimize the quality of life and mitigate suffering by providing efficient care with patient's well-being continuously updated by SkyPad.

All-in-One Best-in-Class Health Sensor Technology

  • Heart Rate
  • Sleep Patterns
  • Sleep Habit
  • Tracking
  • Breathing Rate
  • Breathing Quality
  • Estimated Body Temperature 
  • Body Movement
  • Snoring
  • Room Temperature & Humidity
  • SOS Assistance
  • Bed-Leaving Alert 
  • Falling Prevention

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