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Organic Original Bissap Hibiscus Tea Bottles - 12 x 12oz

Organic Original Bissap Hibiscus Tea Bottles - 12 x 12oz by Farm2Me

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Berry Bissap keeps their Original Bissap Hibiscus Tea simple, tasty and authentic. It's so versatile, you can enjoy this classic on any occasion and create your mocktail (or cocktail!) to your liking with any fresh fruit and herbs Mmmm!

Direct Trade • Caffeine-Free • Pesticide Free • No Artificial Colors

Shelf Life: 4 months - Refrigerated


filtered water, organic hibiscus flowers, organic spices, organic cane sugar

Bissap is a refreshing, popular West African spiced hibiscus tea that originated from Senegal, but is now a staple in all of West Africa. At Berry Bissap, we honor and preserve the traditional recipe with our own twist. Our ingredients are all-natural, plant-based, caffeine-free, ethically sourced, and free from chemicals, artificial coloring, and other toxic stuff we cannot pronounce. Our teas infused with organic fruit is also pesticide-free!

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