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Organic Single-Cultivar Fuji Kaori Sencha by Tea and Whisk

Organic Single-Cultivar Fuji Kaori Sencha by Tea and Whisk

Brand: Tea and Whisk
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Brand: Tea and Whisk

The name "Wisteria Aroma" may bring to mind the world-renowned mountain, but it is in fact derived from the Japanese term for "wisteria flower." This cultivar's wisteria bloom (Japanese: "fuji") blooms profusely in April when it is ready to pick. Surprisingly, rather than by a research facility, this relatively current cultivar was created by a couple of farmers in Fujieda, Shizuoka.

Fuji Kaori was produced by a third-generation tea farmer from Japan who is passionate about natural tea production. The farm's elevation on well-draining mountain slopes exposes the plants to a significant day and night temperature difference, which helps them develop a more intense flavor with umami characteristics and a pleasant sweetness.

Fuji Kaori is a cross between Yabukita and Shizu-131, a Shizuoka cultivar with Indian tea DNA that gives fuller floral aromas. Additionally, this tea has been slightly withered during production, which contributes to its fragrance. When brewed, you may enjoy the floral scent of Fuji Kaori, which also contains notes of muscat grapes, pine needles, and shortbread.

Brewing Instructions:

Use 3g of tea leaves for about 200ml water with a water temperature of 165ºF. Steep the tea in a teapot for one minute for the first infusion and 40 seconds for the second infusion.

Style: Light-steamed (Asamushi)

Notes: Wisteria, Muskat, Incense

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