Organic Sun Moon Lake Honey Red Oolong by Tea and Whisk

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Brand: Tea and Whisk

We are so happy to announce this new amazing Honey Red Oolong. It's harvested from a 100% organic farm near SunMoon Lake and has the complexity and lingering aftertaste of oolong. Finding a good red oolong can be a challenge, as most tend to have those sour notes you get from black tea.

This unique Honey Red Oolong is sure to surprise your taste buds! It's not just full-bodied and flavorful, but the aroma will stick with you even after every sip. The sweet honey notes are perfectly balanced with subtle yet delightful spices like cloves and peppercorns, and it's got a refreshing twist of bright orchid undertones. Reminds me a bit of Phoenix Oolong! And oh, the aroma? It's as sweet as our Honey Jinjunmei black tea. We really hope you'll love it as much as we do! Give it a try and let us know what you think. Cheers to a fantastic cup of Honey Red Oolong!

Brewing Instruction:

This tea is an absolute blast to experiment with! We like to use 3g in a 100ml gaiwan and rinse the tea with water heated to 205ºF (95ºC). After the rinse, the first infusion should steep for around 40 seconds. For the second steep, I usually go for about 15-20 seconds. Feel free to play around with the steeping time, as it's all part of the fun! A shorter steep will highlight the honey notes, while a longer steep brings out more of the spice. So go ahead and enjoy this incredible tea to the fullest!

Certifications:  100% Organic

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