Wild Foods

Oxy-Mag: Oxygen & Magnesium Minerals Blend, 16 fl. oz. - Case of SIX


Pristine Liquid Earth Minerals

Wild Elements are derived from Paleolithic deposits of humic shale called lignite, a bioactive form of humus, using a cold water extraction process. They are a pure, pristine, and completely bioavailable source of essential nutrition. A true gift of nature.

Our liquid minerals are made using a cold water extraction process, giving you pure, untouched elemental minerals you can use to support health and vitality.

  • Magnesium, chromium, and zinc restore electrolyte balance and support cellular repair and performance.
  • Activated oxygen promotes cellular function, healing, and energy. A versatile blend of minerals: Take for sport, overall vitality, or both.

Made in the USA. Safe for children and adults. Whole family health from Nature. 16 FL-ounce, BPA-free bottle. 100% happiness guaranteed.