PB - Plant Protein Booster


Benefits of PB - Plant Protein Booster

Intake of the right amount of essential amino acids can be a little challenging when eating a plant-based diet. PB provides high quality protein with essential amino acids in a decent amount. Furthermore, calcium is a challenging mineral to get through a plant-based diet, since a lot of calcium intake in the western world origins from dairy products. PB is therefore fortified with calcium naturally derived from algae.


Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks our muscles need to maintain and build them. PB consists exclusively of pea protein, which contains many of the essential amino acids that we cannot form ourselves and must have through the diet. In addition, calcium is also important for our muscles to function normally. Calcium runs in and out of the muscles and act as a signal to the muscles.


Our bones in the body consist mainly of calcium, which means that calcium is of course important for normal bones. In addition, protein also helps maintain normal bones. Many people benefit from a supplement of calcium and especially people who primarily eat plant-based as it is difficult to cover the daily calcium needs without dairy products.


The gastrointestinal system and digestion are an important function in the body, as it is the one that ensures that we get nourishment into the body via the food we eat. A vital player in this function are digestive enzymes, which allow the body to absorb the nutrients that are in the food. Calcium helps ensure that digestive enzymes function normally.

Third-party Testing

All batches are tested and certified for label accuracy as well as 200+ unwanted substances like heavy metals, pesticides, residual solvents etc. using Californias very strict proposition 65 as guiding star. To see the test results, just scan the QR-code on the label of your specific batch or visit www.cleanlabelproject.org/transparency-project