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Brand: Open Door Tea

About Peach Dandy:

An organic black tea blend that has soft aromas and refreshing sweetness.


Combines natural peach and apricot essence with a bold black base. Rich and flagrant, with floral and fruit, Peach Apricot is best paired with desserts and comfort food.

Being both bold and tropical this blend is an effective compromise between the inherent robustness of black tea and the lighter, more temperate nature of fruity blends. A perfect blend for those who seek alertness while also opting for something more subtle and soothing than a standard black brew.

Flavor: Full-bodied black tea with delicate notes of peach and apricot.

Aroma: Bold with subtle notes of fruit.


Organic Black Tea, Natural Peach and Apricot Essence


Sri Lanka


  • Sample Pouch: 2-4 Cups
  • 2 Ounce Tube: 20-25 Cups
  • 8 Ounce Bulk Pouch: 80-100 Cups
  • 8 Ice Tea Pouches: 4 Gallons of Ice Tea (80-100 Cups)
Certifications:  Organic

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