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Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1

Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1 by GROOMY

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Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser

Meet Multiple Needs At Once!

About this item

Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1 | GROOMY

Pet Feeder & Water Dispenser: Make your pet enjoy fresh food and clean water. Dog feeder Made of safe, natural material.

Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1 | GROOMY

Stainless Steel Pet Bowl: Rust resistant, offers a healthy alternative to plastic and doesn’t hold odors

Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1 | GROOMY

Automatic Water Dispenser: Don't worry that pets will be thirsty. The automatic water bowl can solve the problem when you're out.

Pet Bowls w/ Auto Water Dispenser - 2 in 1 | GROOMY

Anti-Tipping Puppy Bowls: They will not overturn the cat bowls for food and water when eating, which lets your pet eat and drink want only.

Must-Have Item for Pet Owners

How to choose proper bowls for your puppy, kitten, dog, or cat? Does your puppy eat less than you expected? How much should you feed your puppy? How many times a day should your lovely puppy eat?

Recently, dogs are a part of the family for many pet owners. They stay and live in your area, ride in your car, sometimes sleep on your bed.

But, they don't eat from your plates at the dining table. Especially, puppies should feel comfortable when eating on their plates. Also, you should not feed your puppy more than three times a day if he or she does not want to eat!

Our premium pet bowls are unlikely to break if dropped. They are separable and very easy to clean in order to make your puppy eat.

Our pet bowls are a perfect choice for young puppies to share their food or water. No matter how many times use, it always looks new! These pet bowls stack easily inside one another for easy storage or travel. Durable for long time use and healthy

- Easy to eat for Pets (Dog & Cat)

- Safety pet bowls design

- Easy to clean and maintain

- Suitable size and space saver

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