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Your skin encounters environmental toxins daily, from pollen and smog to cosmetic chemicals. These substances form a barrier within your pores, trapping dirt and oils, which can lead to collagen breakdown, premature aging, enlarged pores, redness, breakouts, and skin imbalances. The use of plastic-laden skincare products compounds this problem. Clearing these "plugs" from your skin is crucial to prevent lasting damage and allow your skin to breathe freely.

Step 1 on your path to flawless skin involves pore purification. An effective cleanser forms the cornerstone of vibrant and healthy skin. Our Pore Purger cleanser is enriched with activated bamboo and coconut hull charcoals, expertly eliminating impurities and addressing clogged pores. Licorice root works its magic, visibly reducing dark spots and irritation, while tea tree and rosemary hydrosols help visibly curb breakouts, minimize pore size, control excess oil, and leave your skin looking tighter and more youthful. This award winning charcoal cleanser ensures your skin says goodbye to clogged pores!

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