Quercetin with Bromelain, Bioactive Flavonoid Series, Plant-Powered Phytonutrient Complex, 120 Capsules

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This plant-powered phytonutrient complex is a natural way to support your cardiovascular, gut, and seasonal immune health. It contains one of the most powerful flavonoids, Quercetin, and the plant enzyme Bromelain which work together to promote overall wellness and antioxidant activity.

Tired of squinting at labels, Rootcha excludes harmful or suspect fillers, binders, flow agents, preservatives, or colorants. As a mission-driven health brand, Rootcha sidesteps the traditional 'more-is-more' multivitamin model to formulate premium multi-supplements that only include meaningful dosages of bioactive nutrient forms.

Rootcha is clearing the air between consumers and the contents of their supplements by empowering shoppers to look beyond the label and access third-party testing for every single manufactured batch. Just scan the QR code on the back of your bottle to dig into the details. Or you can also find third-party testing results for Rootcha's Quercetin with Bromelain published on the third-party testing website Labdoor.com.


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