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reWILD Your Sleep Bundle


Included in the Bundle:

  • 7x Magnesium Complex is an advanced blend of seven magnesium forms designed to enhance absorption and optimize sleep quality. This complex aids muscle relaxation and stress reduction and helps promote more profound, restful sleep.
  • Oxy-mag Mineral Blend supports overall health and wellness. Known for its calming properties, Oxy-mag can help prepare your body for sleep, reduce nighttime awakenings, and improve sleep duration.
  • Low Blue Light Bulb minimizes exposure to sleep-disrupting blue light in the evening. Emitting a warm, ambient glow promotes your body's natural sleep-wake cycle, helping you wind down naturally and prepare for sleep.
  • Orange Glow Reading Light offers a soothing, warm light spectrum, perfect for nighttime reading without disrupting your sleep hormones. It allows you to enjoy your bedtime reading ritual while preparing your body for rest
  • Blue Light Blocking Glasses protect your eyes from the harmful blue light that screens emit, assisting your body's natural production of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. They're the perfect tool for those who use electronic devices before bed, helping to ensure a deeper and more restful sleep.

This bundle is specially designed to optimize your sleep quality by optimizing your light and internal environments with the most potent magnesium blends you can find. Rediscover the power of a good night's sleep with the 'reWILD Your Sleep' bundle - your complete solution for a natural, revitalized sleep experience.