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Save Me Honey Blemish-Busting Cleanser & Shower Mask

Save Me Honey Blemish-Busting Cleanser & Shower Mask by Sumbody Skincare

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Rescue skin with Save Me Honey. Specially formulated with power-packed ingredients to revive red, sensitive, and blemish-prone skin to clear it up in 911 situations and keep it clear. There are many causes of breakouts but a key factor in fighting back is to keep pores clean and blemish-causing bacteria at bay. This shower mask is no joke, it attacks the culprits. No need to battle, let us fix your skin and save you honey.

We are exposed to environmental toxins and pollutants every day, from pollens, smog, and dust to cosmetic chemicals. These particulates get into our pores and form a “plug”. When this plug gets infected with bacteria it can cause a breakout. Save Me Honey is a 2-for-1 cleanser and shower mask that helps protect skin from the damage caused by these assailants. This skin-saving multitasker can be used as a cleanser or shower mask. The best way to use a mask is to leave it on while showering because the steam will hydrolyze the mask on, keeping it moist so the beneficial ingredients can melt in and the impurities can slip out. Save Me Honey is made with nature’s finest ingredients to combat the blemish-boosting bacteria and stop the culprit in its tracks before it can wreak havoc on skin.

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