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Blemish-prone skin needs moisturizing too! Dry skin = unhappy skin. This non-pore-clogging formula balances oil production and provides a much-needed moisture boost. But not all oils are created equal. This moisturizer won’t clog pores and is filled with blemish-prone and sensitive skin wonders. See the magic the right oil can make for your skin.

Dehydration leads to premature aging, thinning of skin, increased development of fine lines, wrinkles, and overall lackluster appearance. All skin types need proper hydration. A common misconception is that if your skin is oily it can’t be dehydrated. Skin needs a non-pore-clogging oil from the neck up (rather than heavy creams and butters) for proper hydration because it can penetrate more profoundly, depositing moisture deep into the skin which will balance and regulate skin’s natural oil production.

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