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Who doesn’t love bubbles?! They’re fun and fabulous, but they can also be filled with harsh, irritating, toxic chemicals. Soaking in chemicals is out. Bathing with non-toxic suds is in! Get a sudsy, safe soak with Sumbody! (Say that 3 times fast!) It’s no easy task to create safe bubbles but Sumbody delivers. Bubble up and have a superior soak with sensational suds.

Bathing is an age-old ritual that calms, soothes, centers, relaxes, and gives us a moment to be whisked away. Bringing ritual into our daily life is a powerful way to stop, reassess, and redefine. The fast-paced modern lifestyle has made time to ourselves and for letting go a luxury. At Sumbody, we believe self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. We want to support you in this process of self-care by providing superior soaks that enable and entice you to “take a break”. Have a timeout with Sumbody and come back refreshed, restored, repowered, and renewed.

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